“Breakchains with Blockchain changed
the lives of real women, giving them a second chance.”
Thousands of women are sentenced to prison in Egypt each year for being unable to repay loans as little as $254. Known simply as "Al Gharemaat" or "The Fined," these women borrow money out of necessity for financial independence, medicine, or even a washing machine.
The consequences of falling behind on payments can send a single mother to jail for multiple years.
Children of Female Prisoners Association in Egypt works with the imprisoned women and their children to free them. 
"Breakchains with Blockchain," is the first NFT collection that frees women from prison sentences. I was one of the artists from around the globe that designed 16 NFTs that tell each woman's story and why they were jailed. With every piece sold, awareness around this topic spreads and a woman is freed from her sentence.
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Client: Children of Female Prisoners Association // Agency: Horizon FCB, Dubai // Studio: Black Madre, Brazil & Zombie Studio // Animation: The Youth, Brazil // Production: The Youth, Brazil & Film DNA, MENA
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