“In social media words can kill silently”
Kazoo is a personal safety app developed to help families build a safer social media environment. In order to build awareness of the problem and a list of qualified leads for launch, Kazoo partnered with Stand for the Silent, a non-profit that fights all forms of bullying since 2010.The goal was to get parents to understand the danger their kids experience on social media. Research shows that bullying is the leading cause of teenage suicide in America, and that half of this abuse happens online.Together, Stand for the Silent and Kazoo decided to create a powerful anti-bullying message while generating qualified leads with concerned parents: Social Bullets.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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5x Shortlist at Cannes Lions Festival
3x Shortlist // Digital Craft
Shortlist // Creative Data
Shortlist // Health & Wellness
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Client: Stand for the Silent // Agency: Area 23, New York // Illustration: Black Madre, Brazil // Animation: Studio Histeria!, Brazil & Lamano Studio, Chile // Production: The Youth, Jamute, Anache, Norte, Brazil & Studio RX / Daisy Cutter, USA
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